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Keeping your teeth clean and healthy are essential to preventing future problems

So that a healthy mouth may be maintained we recommend regular “check up and professional cleaning” appointments, at least every six months, even if you believe your teeth are in perfect shape. (Those at greater risk of cavities or plaque build-up, a weakened immune system, gum disease or other conditions may need to see a dentist more regularly.)

This is an opportunity for us to check the health of the teeth and the gums and discuss any areas of concern or in need of treatment.

Early detection of issues can often require minimal treatment and cost.For example, a simple filling or fissure sealing at the right time could prevent the need for root canal therapy down the track – treatment that is costly, time-consuming and could have been avoided if existing problems were addressed earlier.

Of course, prevention is always the best course of treatment, and visiting Ausbridge Dental every six months plays a vital role in prevention.

A professional clean removes plaque and tartar above your gum line that at-home cleaning cannot tackle.  Next, a fluoride application will further protect and strengthen teeth. Regular dental visits and good oral hygiene prevent gum disease.

Gum disease explained

Daily at-home care

Cleaning routine: Brush your teeth at least twice a day, and after meals, for two minutes each time to thoroughly remove plaque and clean tooth surfaces.

Floss once per day to ensure leftover food debris hiding between teeth is removed from places your toothbrush cannot reach. Using mouthwash and a toothpaste can strengthen tooth enamel, remove more bacteria and prevent tooth decay. And don’t forgot to replace your manual toothbrush or electric toothbrush head every three to six months to achieve the best clean possible.

How to Brush Teeth

How to Floss Teeth

We recommend flossing your teeth everyday. If you have never done it before, please see the video as a guide. Note that the floss moves below the gum line slightly. It is normal if your new to flossing that there will be some blood. Don’t be concerned as the bleeding will stop after your rinse your mouth.

You may experience some pain during flossing and for some lingering aching for some time after. After a short time, with regular flossing, your will experience no bleeding and no pain. If you want to keep your teeth throughout your life – FLOSS!

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