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A denture is a set of false teeth that can replace anywhere from one missing tooth (partial denture) to a whole mouthful of missing teeth (full dentures).

The removable denture base can be fabricated from acrylic or a metal alloy.

Do I really Need Dentures?

Replacing missing teeth will benefit your appearance and your dental health. Facial muscles sag without support from a denture which makes a person look older. Eating and speaking are also difficult without teeth.

A denture improves chewing ability, speech and provides support for the muscles in the face. It will greatly enhance your facial appearance and smile, improving your confidence.
Our dentisits at Ausbridge Dental are professionals with the custom design of dentures.

Full dentures

Because no teeth are left, full dentures use suction or various types of adhesive to remain in position.

Partial dentures

When you are missing as few as a single tooth, a partial denture is a cost-effective option. Partial dentures are “clipped” to the remaining adjacent teeth and use these for support.

Denture check-ups

We recommend that you visit us to have your dentures checked on a regular basis, every six months. We can then advise you if your dentures require any modifications such as relining. At the same time, please tells us if your dentures are causing you any problems or pain as some adjustment may be required

Dentures which do not fit correctly and go unchecked can cause you serious problems. These include damage to your gums, as well as any remaining teeth, in the case of partial dentures. The latter could even result in the loss of teeth arising from the ill fitting denture.

Regular maintenance of your dentures will avoid these problems.

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